what does lifeguard training consist of

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The lifeguard course is divided into 3 elements;The Lifeguard and the Law,Pool Supervision and Rescue and CPR and First Aid. The course incorporates the highest standards and safety mechanisms to help you react and prepare for incidents and scenarios.

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  • What are the different types of lifeguard classes?

  • Lifeguard Classes Lifeguard Test Lifeguard Recertification Lifeguard Manual Water Safety Water Safety Tips Training Water Safety Instructor Certification CPRO Swimming + Water Safety Adult Swim Lessons Kid Swim Lessons Swim Lessons Swim Coach Training Learn To Swim Providers Water Safety Outreach Nurse Assistant/CNA Training

  • What is the National Lifeguard course?

  • The National lifeguard course is the certification that all lifeguards hold nationwide. This course is a 40-hour long training that consists of physical training as well as learning the theory behind lifeguarding.

  • What is needed to start lifeguard training course?

  • What is needed to start the lifeguard training course: You need to be 16+. Must be able to jump, much preferably, dive into deep water. There are many different entrances to the pool that you may be asked to do, being comfortable getting into the water in an active way is key.

  • What is Red Cross lifeguard training?

  • Learn how to save lives and prevent injuries around water with Red Cross Lifeguard Training. The Red Cross has been training and teaching skills for effective responses to all kinds of emergencies for more than 100 years. Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn EmailClient

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