what happened to the first lucky dog trainer

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  • Who is the trainer for Lucky Dog?

  • When Lucky Dog trainer Brandon McMillan couldn find permanent homes for 渇oster fails?Koda and Lulu, he took them in攏aughty habits and all. The rescue dogs that Brandon McMillan trains for new forever homes get put through a training regimen that would exhaust a young Bruce Lee.

  • What happened to Brandon McMillan on Lucky Dog?

  • The Beloved Host Has Been Replaced When Lucky Dog premiered in 2013, viewers quickly fell in love with host Brandon McMillan, who rescued unadoptable dogs from animals shelters across the U.S.

  • What is lucky dog doing now?

  • The new Lucky Dog host has since devoted his time to rehabilitating dogs in need at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles. As a foster parent, he found great joy helping dogs that displayed fearful and/or aggressive behavior to improve their temperament so they could be placed in welcoming homes, according to the release.

  • Who is the most famous dog trainer of all time?

  • However, Cesar Millan had something different to his name: he is now one of the most famous dog trainers of all time. That doesn mean that things have always been easy for the star.

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