what is an ho train set

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H0 gauge

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  • What is HO scale model train?

  • HO Scale is a model train scale smaller than O Scale and larger than N Scale. It was designed to be the most popular size for model trains. HO Scale offers excellent detail while still small enough to fit in a room without taking up too much space. HO scale is one of the most popular scales for model trains. It easy to see why.

  • Are Ho and HOn3 trains the same?

  • Classified as HOn3 gauge, these trains are modeled on narrow gauge train lines (the rails are closer together). This means that although HO and HOn3 cars and locomotives are the same sizes, the trucks (wheels) and rails (tracks) are different between the gauges so their model railroad tracks are not interchangeable.

  • Why is the HO scale called the half O scale?

  • The HO, also known as the Half O scale, is the 1:87 scale. This is called HO because the O scale is the 1:48 scale. If we half the O scale, we get the HO scale. The higher the number scale, the smaller the model is. A common question I get is that if HO is half O, why is it not 1:96?

  • What is the most popular model train scale?

  • HO Scale HO Scale (1:87) is by far the most popular scale in the industry, featuring the widest variety of high quality trains and accessories. At half the size of O scale, HO scale trains can fit into smaller spaces and are the perfect size for most hobbyists whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned modeler.

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