what is augmented reality training

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Augmented Reality (AR) training is aneducational experience presented through software and accessible on AR devices that helps users pick up important professional skills. Essentially, this is a training experience that can be launched at any time and anywhere with the right software and equipment.

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  • Is augmented reality the next big thing in training and development?

  • According to an ISACA survey, Augmented Reality (AR) consumers across five different countries rated AR as one of the top three technologies for training and development.

  • What is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality (AR)?

  • Compared to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (AR) tends to be a more attainable addition to your training program that is customizable, mobile, and engaging.

  • What is a beginner Guide to augmented reality with unity?

  • A Beginner Guide to Augmented Reality with Unity is designed for beginners who want to join the AR movement. It encompasses the broad spectrum of augmented reality and covers everything you need to know.

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