what is automatic train control

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The automatic train control (ATC) is the general class oftrain protection systems for the railwayswhich involves the speed control mechanism in response to the external inputs, There are many different safety systems labeled as the automatic train control.

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  • What is the automation of train control?

  • The automation of train control was developed from there, using advances in traction control, which gave automatic acceleration and in braking, which could incorporate electrical control and automatic load compensation.

  • What are the train control systems used in Japanese railways?

  • Train Control systems used in Japanese railways 3.2.1. Automatic train stop (ATS-System) accidents. Two rail accidents with serious loss of life in the early 1960s resulted in the installation of the so-called Automatic Train Stop (ATS) system throughout Japan.

  • How does the automatic stop system work on trains?

  • the train is to follow to a stop. Additional triggers, nearer the station platform, correct the generated velocity-distance profile for the effects of wheel slip and slide. The ASR system monitors the velocity-distance profile and controls the braking effort to bring the train to a stop at a predetermined point.

  • What does ATC mean in train control?

  • ATC (automatic train control) refers generally to the use of machines to accomplish train control functions. It does not necessarily suggest a com- pletely automated system. It can be applied to a system where certain functions or groups of func- tions are performed automatically while others are performed manually.

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