what is automatic train control

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AUTOMATIC TRAIN CONTROL. 15 Train control isthe process by which the move- ment of rail rapid transit vehicles is regulated for the purposes of safety and efficiency. The process is carried out by a combination of elements-some men,some machines攍ocated on the train,along the track,in stations,and at remote central facilities.

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  • What is the automation of train control?

  • The automation of train control was developed from there, using advances in traction control, which gave automatic acceleration and in braking, which could incorporate electrical control and automatic load compensation.

  • What is continuous automatic train control based on CBTC?

  • Continuous Automatic Train Control :- Continuous Automatic Train Control based on CBTC will consist of ?ATP (Automatic Train Protection), ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) sub-systems: Automatic Train Protection (ATP) :- Automatic Train Protection is the primary function of the train control systems.

  • What does ATC mean in train control?

  • ATC (automatic train control) refers generally to the use of machines to accomplish train control functions. It does not necessarily suggest a com- pletely automated system. It can be applied to a system where certain functions or groups of func- tions are performed automatically while others are performed manually.

  • How does the automatic stop system work on trains?

  • the train is to follow to a stop. Additional triggers, nearer the station platform, correct the generated velocity-distance profile for the effects of wheel slip and slide. The ASR system monitors the velocity-distance profile and controls the braking effort to bring the train to a stop at a predetermined point.

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