what is conjugate training

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But technically, the Conjugate Method is simply a PIECE of the overall Westside system. Conjugate training is simply a way of saying that you constantly rotate your exercises in and out of the program. This comes into play on the Max Effort Day and with the Special Exercises / Assistance Work.

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  • What is a conjugate workout?

  • What is conjugate training? Conjugate means to join together. To train using multiple methods within one workout, or over the course of one block of workouts (microcycle). Strength, power, hypertrophy, speed, and agility can be progressively developed simultaneously in a conjugate multi-method program.

  • What is the conjugate method?

  • The Conjugate Method is a term and methodology made most popular by Louie Simmons, owner of the Westside Barbell Club and the creator of what has become known as the 淲estside?method of training.

  • How many training sessions are there in the conjugate method?

  • The conjugate method in the style I train has four major training sessions. These are the building blocks a lifter can start building his conjugate style from.

  • Is conjugate style training difficult?

  • Conjugate style training is not complicated, but as you progress as a lifter it may become more complex. The complexities only come as you make it your own style based on what you need in order to reach the level you want to reach.

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