what is cross fit training

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A form ofhigh intensity interval training,CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movement performed at a high intensity level. These movements are actions that you perform in your day-to-day life,like squatting,pulling,pushing etc.

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  • What is CrossFit?

  • CrossFit is a fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman over several decades. Glassman, CrossFit’s Founder and CEO, was the first person in history to define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way: increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. He then created a program specifically designed to improve fitness and health.

  • What are the benefits of CrossFit training?

  • There are many benefits of a CrossFit training workout. First and foremost, CrossFit training allows you to train in multiple areas of fitness including strength, endurance, power, agility, and speed. Why is it important to training in all areas of fitness?

  • Who can participate in CrossFit training?

  • People of all fitness levels can participate in CrossFit training, although some CrossFit WOD may have to be modified slightly for less fit individuals. There are many benefits of CrossFit training workouts, which include:

  • What is the CrossFit workout of the day?

  • The CrossFit workout of the day, known as CrossFit WOD, is the staple component of CrossFit training workouts. Without the CrossFit WOD, CrossFit training would be no different from general circuit training.

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