what is discrimination training in aba

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Applied Behavior Analysis

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  • What is discrimination therapy in ABA training?

  • Discrimination therapy in ABA training is based on how autism therapy uses various operants, or skills, of language. Language is critically important in the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of autism.

  • What is discriminative training?

  • Discrimination training involves reinforcing a behavior (e.g., pecking) in the presence of one stimulus but not others. The discriminative stimulus is the cue (stimulus) that is present when the behavior is reinforced.

  • What is an example of discrimination in ABA?

  • For example, a rat’s lever-press response might be reinforced when a stimulus light is on but not when the light is off. what is discrimination in ABA? Discrimination is a term used in both classical and operant conditioning.

  • What is discriminative stimulus in ABA?

  • But what about when the student has to discriminate between what is said in order to choose the correct item? Within ABA we have what is called the SD, (Discriminative Stimulus) which means that it is correct and reinforcement would be provided. We also have the S delta (Stimulus Delta) which means that reinforcement is not provided.

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