what is fire extinguisher training

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  • Why do you need fire extinguisher training?

  • Only with hands-on experience can employees be trained to act quickly when faced with an actual fire in the workplace. Fire extinguisher training requirements are about more than simply fulfilling some OSHA mandates ?they empower your employees to make their own decision whether to fight the fire, or to get themselves out.

  • How should you operate a fire extinguisher?

  • No one should ever operate a fire extinguisher unless it is safe. If in doubt, a person should leave the scene of the fire and call for help. To use a fire extinguisher, one must first pull the safety pin. When the safety pin is pulled, this will break the seal. It is best people work in pairs when trying to extinguish a fire, for safety purposes.

  • What are the different types of extinguishers?

  • Types of Extinguishers (cont) Dry Powder 飦甒orks by separating fuel from oxygen and/or removing heat 飦瓻ffectiveness is based on the type of class D fire it is designed to extinguish. 飦甀neffective on class A,B,C fires (metal fires) only. Types of Extinguishers (cont) Wet Chemical

  • Which class of fire extinguisher is appropriate for instructions on use?

  • Fire Extinguisher Labeling 飦甃abeling on the fire extinguisher identifies which class of fire it is appropriate for; Class A,B,C,D or K and instructions on how to use it. Class of fire extinguisher is appropriate for Instructions on use

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