what is parelli horse training

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Game of rhythmic pressure

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  • What is Parelli Natural horsemanship?

  • The Parelli Natural Horsemanship method is one of the largest natural horsemanship programs. The step-by step approach and focus on the quality of the relationship with the horse has those from recreational riders to professionals all over the world learning this method. Parelli students PLAY with their horses, and work on themselves!

  • What is Parelli riding?

  • Contrary to much misconception, Parelli is not it’s own riding style. It is a basic training for humans and horses, which is based on mutual communication, on respect and trust between humans and horse and which considers the varying needs of different horse personalities (Horsenality ).

  • What is the Parelli program?

  • The Parelli program is dedicated to the Natural Horsemanship category. The term natural stands for natural handling of the horse.

  • How does Pat Parelli train horses?

  • For starters, Pat Parelli has broken down his training system into an easy to follow format. Pat named the seven games that horses play with each other which are: The first three games, the friendly, porcupine, and driving games are the principle games or foundation for the rest of the games. These Parelli games are like learning your ABC.

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