what is performance based training

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  • What is performance-based training?

  • Performance-based training focuses on specific outcomes and then sets expectations, provides feedback, introduces tools, rewards skill development, teaches new skills and knowledge, etc. — all aimed at supporting behavior that produces the desired outcome.

  • Where is performance-based learning being implemented?

  • Performance-based learning is being implemented at all levels of learning, from primary and elementary to high school and higher education. Performance-based learning can be implemented along with traditional instruction when used in a balanced setting.

  • What is practical learning in performance-based learning?

  • In performance-based learning, ractical?means that what you teach is what each employee needs to know, and they can use it right away. This will help them achieve the desired performance outcomes. Give them the just-in-time, need-to-know knowledge.

  • What makes a training program cost effective?

  • PERFORMANCE-BASED TRAINING. Training programs are generally more cost-effective when they target specific performance outcomes rather than teaching broadly applicable skills and knowledge that the learner then must figure out how to apply on the job.

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