what is performance based training

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Performance-based training focuses not only on teaching everything relating to the subject matter but also about analyzing each employee job performance, past learning success, projected outputs and tasks to be done in order to achieve certain business objectives. By supporting this behavior you檒l see more consistent, productive results.

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  • What is performance-based training?

  • Performance-based training focuses on specific outcomes and then sets expectations, provides feedback, introduces tools, rewards skill development, teaches new skills and knowledge, etc. — all aimed at supporting behavior that produces the desired outcome.

  • What is performance based learning PBL?

  • Performance Based Learning (PBL) Performance based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that emphasizes students being able to do, or perform, specific skills as a result of instruction. In this framework, students demonstrate the ability to apply or use knowledge, rather than simply knowing the information.

  • How to plan for performance-based learning?

  • When planning for performance-based learning, keep in mind that the content and instruction does not have to change, but instead of assessing the students?knowledge from the content, the student is allowed to demonstrate what they have learned.

  • What is competency based training?

  • Competency Based Training (CBT) Introduction and Definitions 1 ompetency Based Training is training that is designed to allow a learner to demonstrate their ability to do something. his may be to make a coffee, create a brochure, lead a tour or deal with a difficult customer.

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