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  • What is a scrum master?

  • Summary: 1 Scrum is agile development framework for managing product development. 2 The Scrum master is a person who helps other people to understand Scrum and helps the team by removing obstacles. 3 The Scrum master do the planning, team backlog grooming, sprint demo, sprint retrospective. More items…

  • What is the Scrum framework?

  • Scrum is Agile Development Framework for managing product development. It is flexible and holistic product development approach. In this methodology development and QA teams work as one unit. In this study material for beginners, you will learn- What is Scrum Master? What is Scrum master is not? Why is Scrum master role is difficult?

  • What is a Professional Scrum Trainer?

  • Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) bring their own Scrum Master experiences and stories to the class and use their skills as professional trainers to deliver the material using their own unique delivery style.

  • What is the difference between scrum master and project manager?

  • Where a project manager focuses on the project, a scrum master focuses on the team, taking steps to ensure the team and individual team members achieve success. The role of a scrum master is to use agile project management to champion a project, teams, and team members.

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