what is sit training

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渟print interval training

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  • What is sit (interval training)?

  • It not steady-state cardiovascular training, and it not LIT (low-intensity training). It also not MICT (moderate-intensity continuous training) or HIIT (high-intensity interval training)?it something called SIT (sprint interval training). Sound more fun (and maybe less intense) than HIIT? Think again! What is an Interval Workout?

  • What is sit testing?

  • It is a high-level testing. SIT test cases focus on the interface between the system components. Test cases, in this case, focus on simulating the real-life scenarios. This testing is from the perspective of interfacing between modules. This testing is from the perspective of user requirements. SIT is done by developers and testers.

  • What is the SIT program?

  • SIT involves short bursts of high intensity exercise interspersed with low-intensity aerobic recovery intervals. SIT has been demonstrated effectiveness as time efficient method of improving insulin sensitivity and physical fitness amongst adolescents [12, 13].

  • What is the main objective of sit?

  • The main objective of SIT is to ensure that all software module dependencies are functioning properly and the data integrity is preserved between distinct modules of the whole system.

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