what is the car in training day

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1979 Monte Carlo

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  • What kind of car is the Monte Carlo in Training Day?

  • The 1979 Monte Carlo that featured in Training Day was unarguably the main attraction for car lovers around the world. The Chevrolet classic graced the film with its impeccable muscle power and dazzling looks. It had audiences and critics across the globe hooked.

  • What is the movie Training Day about?

  • Police drama about a veteran officer who escorts a rookie on his first day with the LAPD’s tough inner-city narcotics unit. Training Day is a blistering action drama that asks the audience to decide what is necessary, what is heroic and what crosses the line in the harrowing gray zone of fighting urban crime.

  • Will there be a ‘Training Day’ Season 2?

  • The second Training Day would supposedly have taken place years later, with a much older-and-wiser Jake mentoring a younger, African-American officer. The rumored project never came to fruition. 17. Nonetheless, there is going to be a small-screen follow-up. Fuqua is developing a Training Day TV series for CBS.

  • What did Macy Gray wear in Training Day?

  • Training Day features notable dramatic cameos from prominent musicians, including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Macy Gray. Fuqua praised the famously laid-back Snoop as a serious, disciplined actor. To play a thug’s wife, Gray went undercover herself, wearing a wig and a gold tooth to mingle with neighborhood women.

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