what is the longest wedding dress train

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8,095.40 m (26,559.71 ft)

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  • What is the longest dress train in the world?

  • When 09 December 2017 The longest wedding dress train is 8,095.40 m (26,559 ft 8 in) and was achieved by Dynamic Projects (France) in Caudry, France, on 9 December 2017. The Guinness World Records title was attempted as part of Telethon 2017.

  • How long should a wedding dress train be?

  • 2. Chapel Train Not too short and not too long, chapel trains are the Goldilocks of wedding dress trains攁t about two feet in length, they檙e just right for most brides. that dramatic entrance攋ust ask at your alterations appointment!

  • How long is the train of Princess Diana’s white wedding dress?

  • The spectacular white gown has an 8,095.40 m (26,559.71 ft) train which is almost long enough to cover Mount Everest (8,848 m)! Construction company Dynamic Projects, with the help of 15 volunteers, spent two months stitching individual pieces of the train before sewing them all together to form a whole.

  • What are the different styles of wedding dress trains?

  • Wedding Dress Train Styles Guide. 1 1. Sweep Train. Usually extending six inches to one foot beyond the hem of the dress, this perfectly petite train gives a bridal vibe but still feels … 2 2. Chapel Train. 3 3. Cathedral Train. 4 4. Extra-Length.

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