what is the train station on yellowstone

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Long Black Train

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  • Is Yellowstone train station a real place?

  • Yellowstone Train Station appears to be inspired by the real-life 榋one of Death?that borders Yellowstone National Park and the neighbouring state of Idaho. There is a 50 square mile section of the park, which extends beyond Wyoming and into the state of Idaho, in a remote region where very few people live.

  • What is the train station?

  • This is my home… The Train Station, also referred to as the Long Black Train, is a rural canyon area past the Montana border into Wyoming. It is the area where the Duttons and the branded execute and/or dispose of their enemies and those who know many of Yellowstone’s secrets.

  • Who took Fred to the train station on Yellowstone?

  • Yellowstone fans have heard a lot of talk during the first three seasons about someone going to the train station. In season 1, Lloyd Pierce ( Forrie J. Smith) actually took ranch hand Fred to the train station when Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) fired him for beating up Jimmy (Jefferson White).

  • Where is the train station in the zone of death?

  • Lloyd explained to Walker (Ryan Bingham) while dumping the bodies of Wade Morrow and his son Clint that the mythical train station is in Wyoming, just across the state line. The ledge where they dump the bodies is in 渁 county with no people, no sheriff, and no 12 jurors of your peers.?Is there a real-life location known as the 榋one of Death?

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