what is the train station on yellowstone

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Long Black Train

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  • Is Yellowstone train station a real place?

  • Yellowstone Train Station appears to be inspired by the real-life 榋one of Death?that borders Yellowstone National Park and the neighbouring state of Idaho. There is a 50 square mile section of the park, which extends beyond Wyoming and into the state of Idaho, in a remote region where very few people live.

  • What is the train station?

  • This is my home… The Train Station, also referred to as the Long Black Train, is a rural canyon area past the Montana border into Wyoming. It is the area where the Duttons and the branded execute and/or dispose of their enemies and those who know many of Yellowstone’s secrets.

  • Can you take Amtrak to Yellowstone National Park?

  • Amtrak to Yellowstone National Park Like most national parks, Yellowstone National Park is not close to an Amtrak station, but if you檙e willing to drive, take a shuttle or pay extra for an Amtrak vacation package that includes vehicle transportation, then this trip is a great adventure.

  • Who took Fred to the train station on Yellowstone?

  • Yellowstone fans have heard a lot of talk during the first three seasons about someone going to the train station. In season 1, Lloyd Pierce ( Forrie J. Smith) actually took ranch hand Fred to the train station when Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) fired him for beating up Jimmy (Jefferson White).

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