what is time under tension training

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Time under tension (TUT) refers to theamount of time a muscle is held under tension or strain during an exercise set. During TUT workouts, you lengthen each phase of the movement to make your sets longer. The idea is that this forces your muscles to work harder and optimizes muscular strength, endurance, and growth.

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  • What does time under tension mean in weight training?

  • Time under tension, or TUT for short, refers to the amount of time your muscles are working during a set. By taking longer to lift and lower the weight, you make your sets last longer. This in turn is supposed to speed up muscle growth. Slowing down each rep won automatically your muscles grow faster than normal.

  • What is time under tension (Tut)?

  • The term, time under tension or TUT for short, refers to the amount of time your muscles are under a load during resistance training. Track this time by monitoring repetition tempo which is simply rep speed. Tempo is tracked by noting the time it takes for a muscle to contract during each phase of the muscle action spectrum.

  • How long are your muscles under tension during a set?

  • Therefore, the total length of time your muscles are under tension during that set is 40 seconds. If you slow down each rep so that it takes six seconds, it would take 60 seconds to complete a set of 10 reps. In which case, the time under tension is now 60 seconds.

  • What is the best time under tension to build muscle?

  • Time Under Tension and Muscle Growth: The Science. The standard advice is that to maximize strength, the ideal time under tension is about 20 seconds or less; for muscle mass, it at least 40 seconds; and for muscle endurance, it at least 70 seconds.

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