what is train in spanish

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El tren

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  • What are some Spanish words for train?

  • Spanish words for train include tren, entrenar, capacitar, formar, entrenarse, cola, serie, hilo, squito and caravana. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com!

  • What are the trains like in Spain?

  • What are Spanish trains like? AVE trains… AVE or Alta Velocidad Espaola is Spain’s front-rank high-speed train. Reservation is compulsory, and all trains have a cafe-bar.

  • What is the main rail network in Spain?

  • The main rail network in Spain is made up of the following regional and intercity trains: Media Distancia trains link regional destinations with larger cities. The network connects with long distance high-speed trains and the trains make frequent stops.

  • How do I book a train in Spain?

  • So if you want a quick and easy transaction, use www.raileurope.com or www.thetrainline.com, but if you really want to avoid their small booking fee and are prepared to overcome confusing translations and a website which keeps slipping back into Spanish, try using Renfe.com with the help of the advice below.

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