what is trainer difficulty in zwift

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0-100% (MAX)

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  • What does 25% trainer difficulty mean in Zwift?

  • If it at 50% (the default setting), your trainer is being sent 1/2 of the gradient you see on screen. So at 25% Trainer Difficulty on a 10% climb, Zwift is telling your trainer to replicate the resistance of a 2.5% climb. Still confused how it works? Read Using the Trainer Difficulty Setting in Zwift

  • What is trainer difficulty and how does it work?

  • The Trainer Difficulty setting scales the gradients sent to your trainer. Trainer Difficulty is set to 50% by default, which is why Zwift says it 渢reats the gradient as half of the true grade.?So when you hit a 10% climb in Zwift, your trainer is only giving you the resistance of a 5% climb.

  • How do I change the difficulty on Zwift?

  • Locate the Trainer Difficulty Setting Launch Zwift and go to the Menu. Click on the Settings button and you檒l find the Trainer Difficulty slider. The default position is midway between 淥ff?and 淢ax,?or 50 percent of the grade resistance you檇 find while riding the same grade of hill in the real world.

  • How much gradient does Zwift send to your trainer?

  • To summarize the video: Zwift only sends half the gradient to your trainer on descents. So if the screen shows you檙e on a -10% downhill, Zwift is only going to send -5% to your trainer. BUT?and here the big but?your Trainer Difficulty setting will further reduce the gradient if it set below 100%.

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