what it takes to be a horse trainer

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  • How do I qualify to be a horse trainer?

  • For a person to qualify for the position of horse trainer, they need to have prior experience working with and riding horses. This includes professional riding experience, former training, or an educational background in veterinary care.

  • What makes a good racehorse trainer?

  • Horse trainers usually specialise in thoroughbreds for galloping races, standardbreds for pacing or trotting (harness) races, or performance horses for events, show jumping and dressage. A keen interest in horses Able to cope with the physical demands of the job

  • How much do racehorse trainers get paid?

  • A racehorse trainer’s salary depends largely on their level of experience and success. Those with proven track records of training horses that win premier races will make a great living, as trainers typically collect 10% of the purse money won by the horses in their care.

  • What does a trainer do for a horse?

  • Trainers may also offer initial breaking and training services for young horses at a training center that they own or operate. There are a number of these facilities concentrated in Florida and South Carolina.

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