what kind of engine does a train have

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Trains used to run on a few types of fuel,steam powered (coal), gas/petroleum, diesel, diesel electric. Steam engines (coal) was widely used throughout the world, many great locomotives were built in the Steam era, revolutionizing the whole industry.

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  • What power does the train engine use?

  • The engine itself is more powerful than the engine in almost any semi-truck. It drives a generator that provides 480-volt, 3-phase AC power for the rest of the train. This engine and generator provide over 560 kW of electrical power to the rest of the train, to be used by the electric air conditioners, lights and kitchen facilities.

  • What kind of fuel do trains run on?

  • What Kind of Fuel Do Trains Run On? North American trains primarily use diesel fuel as their source of energy.. Electric locomotives are in widespread use in Europe and Asia and in some commuter runs in the United States.

  • What kind of engine does a locomotive have?

  • The main engine in this locomotive is a General Motors EMD 710 series engine. The 710 means that each cylinder in this turbocharged, two-stroke, diesel V-12 has a displacement of 710 cubic inches (11.6 L).

  • How does a train run on diesel?

  • Note: Today trains are diesel-electric not diesel there is a huge difference) diesel is used to power the main alternator, which produces electricity for the traction motors, putting the train on move. What do trains used to run on? Trains used to run on a few types of fuel, steam powered (coal), gas/petroleum, diesel, diesel electric.

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