what time does the marta train stop running

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from the MARTA site Keep in mind that Marta trains do not run 24-hours. Trains run from 5 a.m. – 1 a.m. on weekdays and until12:30 a.m. on weekends and holidays. Trains will run every 20 minutes,except during peak hours when they run every 10 minutes.

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  • How often do MARTA trains run on weekends?

  • View MARTA train schedules and real-time arrivals to plan your trip. Train frequency is every 10 to 20 minutes, with wait time less than 10 minutes during peak weekday travel at stations on two rail lines. On weekends and nights, rail service is every 20 minutes. For bus information, see MARTA bus schedules.

  • What time does Marta stop running in Chicago?

  • MARTA Does Not Run 24 hours Rail service starts around 5 a.m. on weekdays and 6 a.m. on weekends. Trains also stop running around 1 a.m. Avoid booking early morning flights if you want to ride a train to the airport. Also, if your flight gets in very late at night, you will need to find alternate transportation.

  • Where does Marta run in Atlanta?

  • MARTA operates primarily within the Atlanta perimeter. Bus routes and rail lines do extend beyond the the Interstate 285 loop, but the majority of our routes and lines run within the perimeter. MARTA rail runs north, south, east, west and northeast.

  • How many bus stops does Marta have in Atlanta?

  • The MARTA has 113 Bus routes in Atlanta with 8789 Bus stops. Their Bus routes cover an area from the North (Milton) with a stop at Deerfield Pkwy @ Avensong Xing to the South (Lovejoy) with a stop at Talmadge Rd @ Tara Blvd.Their most western stop is Main St @ Toombs St (Palmetto) and the most eastern stop is Mall Pkwy @ 8455 (Dekalb).

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