what trainer has wormadam bdsp

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Beauty Devon

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  • Where can I find a trainer with a wormadam?

  • – Pokemon Platinum Version QA for DS – GameFAQs A trainer with a wormadam? Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. A trainer with a wormadam? Route 214. Look for a Beauty Trainer named Devon near some grass on the right side.

  • Where to find a wormadam in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

  • In this Wormadam Trainer Pokemon Brilliant Diamond guide, we will explain all of the ways you can interact with a Wormadam in Pokemon BDSP. There is only one Pokemon Trainer in the game that has a Wormadam. This Trainer can be found on Route 214.

  • Can a female Burmy evolve into wormadam?

  • A female Burmy will evolve into Wormadam once it reaches level 20. Its cloak will rely on the cloak Burmy had as it evolved. A female Burmy cannot evolve into Mothim. Wormadam has only been confirmed to be available by evolving female Burmy.

  • Can you get the National Dex from wormadam?

  • In fact, if you want to get the National Dex, Wormadam is one of the Pokemon that you will need to see. Though, due to how difficult it can be to encounter it in the game, this can be quite a challenge in itself.

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