what tricks to train your dog

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Here a list of fun,easy dog tricks you can teach your pet:Sit: The 渟it?command is one of the easiest tricks your dog can learn and serves as the basis for many other simple tricks like 渟hake?and 渟tay.?To teach …Stay: Teaching your dog the stay command can help keep them safe and calm while developing their impulse control. …Shake paws: To teach your dog how to shake hands,they must first know the sit command and be able to stay in the sitting position. …Play dead: Playing dead builds on the basic commands 渓ie down?and 渟tay,?so be sure that your dog knows those tricks before you start teaching them to play dead. …Roll over: Once your dog knows how to sit and lie down,they are ready to learn how to roll over. …

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  • How to teach your dog tricks?

  • Teach your dog to make a figure of 8 pattern using your legs. Have both hands closed with treats inside both of them. For this trick, put one treat-hand near your dog nose to encourage them to move. Guide your hand backwards and behind yourself so you end up with your hand behind you, between your legs.

  • What to do when your dog gets frustrated with training?

  • As your dog learns more, it will become easier to teach them more complex tricks. If your dog gets frustrated, break the trick down into even simpler steps, reward them for small successes and attempts, and end your session on a positive note ?then come back to the training later.

  • What is the best way to teach a dog to hold up?

  • Hands up is a fantastic trick that looks great. The dog is taught to sit back and hold both front paws up simultaneously. Easy to reinforce by offering the word hands up and a treat each time the dog manages to get both front paws off the ground.

  • How to teach your dog to look at the ground?

  • This trick consists of your dog looking upwards towards the sky. Most dogs are limited in how far they can point their nose into the air so keep this in mind whilst teaching this trick. Dog trainers love this trick because it takes skill, patience and concentration to teach. This trick will teach your dog to look at the ground on command.

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