when did bruce wayne start training

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  • What was Bruce Wayne’s education?

  • While the DC Comics version of Bruce Wayne is highly educated, no mention of education was mentioned in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Furthermore, while Bruce Wayne in the comics held degrees in chemistry and physics [ 1 ], in a scene [ 2] from Batman Begins (after becoming Batman) it appears he has not had such education:

  • How long did it take Bruce Wayne to become Batman?

  • In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne becomes Batman after he is taught by the League of Shadows to master various martial arts, which took several years. By Caroline Fox Published Dec 14, 2020 In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne trains with Ra al Ghul and the League of Shadows to become Batman, but how long did Bruce training take?

  • Who trained Bruce Wayne in boxing?

  • Ted Grant a.k.a. Wildcat of the Justice Society was one of the heroes who mentored and trained Bruce Wayne in fighting techniques, particularly in boxing. He likely also trained Wayne in effective fitness methods and crime-fighting techniques.

  • Who did Bruce Wayne train with in New 52?

  • In the Batman and Robin title he also says he trained with two mentors whose names were Chu Chin Li and Tsunetomo. In the New 52 Detective Comics Annual 2012 we see a young Bruce Wayne training with a master named Shihan Matsuda.

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