when do you start litter training kittens

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4 weeks

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  • How to start litter training kittens?

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  • When do cats start using the litter box?

  • So, introduce a litter box as soon as the kittens start wandering around – usually at the age of three weeks (the low end of the answer to when do cats start using the litter box). In effect that’s when you start litter box training kittens.

  • When should I start potty training my kitten?

  • This coincides with the time that kittens start weaning. If you adopt an older kitten or adult cat, you can start litter box training as soon as you bring them home. You will need the right cat potty training supplies to be set up before they come to their new home. Follow these steps for cat potty training success.

  • What should I do if my kitten won’t use the litter box?

  • To help those kittens, use a kitten-sized litter box (Foote recommends a 13 by 9 inch pan) then graduate to a more commercial-sized box. Keep the kitten, his or her food and water, and the box in a small room with no rugs or carpet. Each time the kitten uses the box, give him or her a treat and clean the box.

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