when does raiders training camp start

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July 15

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  • When can the Raiders Report to training camp?

  • As NFL Network Tom Pelissero noted today, the date the Raiders ?along with 28 other teams ?can report to training camp is July 27. The #Cowboys and #Steelers can report as early as July 21 because of the hall of fame game.

  • Where will the Raiders hold training camp in 2018?

  • The Las Vegas Raiders will host training camp at their Henderson, Nevada training complex. As usual, teams will start camp with 90-man rosters. They must cut down to 85 players by August 17th and to 80 by August 24th, before settling on a final 53-man roster by August 31st.

  • When does training camp start in the NFL?

  • But the Cowboys and Steelers, who will play in the preseason Hall of Fame game, are allowed to begin training camp as early as July 21st. The Buccaneers will also be allowed to start training camp 3 days earlier on the 24th, as they play the season opener against Dallas on a Thursday night.

  • When can the Raiders start offseason workouts after hiring new coach?

  • Teams that hired a new head coach after the completion of the 2021 regular season can get a head start on offseason workouts. Yes, that includes the Raiders.

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