when sleep training doesn t work

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What to Do When Sleep Training Doesn鈥檛 WorkKeep trying things as you have been.Look for underlying issues and make adjustments as needed.You can quit sleep training. (There are five specific instances where I recommend this 鈥?click here to read that article .)Take a step back to help look for underlying issues so that you can adjust as needed.Do something else.

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  • Is it possible to Sleep Train for only naps?

  • While it’s true that we can sleep train for only nights and not naps, I personally do not recommend sleep training for only naps and not nighttime. Chances are you will have much more success with getting your nights straightened out, which will give you the confidence to pursue nap coaching once you are ready.

  • Is sleep training + night weaning possible at the same time?

  • Sure it would have still been messy (I don鈥檛 recommend sleep training + night weaning simultaneously because hungry babies will CRY AND CRY) but there should have been SOME sleep in there. But there wasn鈥檛. That leads me to think that there are still major tummy issues.

  • Does sleep training work for overtired children?

  • No amount of sleep training will work on a child who is overtired and whose schedule is not meeting their needs. Simply sleep training without any plans to establish an age-appropriate schedule for your child can result in lots of unnecessary tears (for both parents and child!)

  • How do I Sleep Train my Child?

  • So before you plan to sleep train, take the time to devise a nap schedule for your child, put a few days aside to devote all your attention to the process (a long weekend works great for working parents) and try not to listen to others who say your child, doesn’t need to sleep that much. Sleep training is tough. It’s hard. It’s never fun.

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