where is the fbi training center

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Quantico, Virginia

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  • What is the FBI training academy?

  • Training Academy. The FBI Academy, dedicated to being the world premier law enforcement learning and research center and an advocate for law enforcement best practices worldwide, is operated by the Bureau Training Division.

  • Where is the FBI Academy located in Virginia?

  • FBI Academy. The FBI Academy was first established in 1972 and is the heart of the Bureau Training Division. It is located in Quantico, VA and encompasses 547 acres of private woodland, closed to the public.

  • What are the best FBI training facilities in the world?

  • The FBI training facility at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, VA, is the most advanced facility for training, research and education of its kind in the entire world. Its doors are open to police forces in many states and even to foreign partner nations, offering the best possible training to law enforcement of all stripes.

  • What is the FBI Education Center?

  • Repurposing artifacts and information from the old tour, the FBI opened the Education Center in 2008 to provide an opportunity for new employees and law enforcement partners to learn more about the Bureau and its work. In 2014, the FBI launched a pilot program that opened the Education Center to the public.

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