which country has the best train system

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South Korea Seoul

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  • Which country in Europe has the best train system?

  • 1 Switzerland. Tucked inside the small but incredibly beautiful country of Switzerland is one of the most efficient and scenic rail networks in the world. 2 Italy. It common knowledge in Europe that train travel in Italy is faster, more convenient, and more relaxing than flying or driving. 3 Spain. … 4 France. … 5 Germany. …

  • Which countries have built the best high speed rail networks?

  • Some, like Japan, have been building high speed rail since it was invented in the ’60s. Others, like China, have demonstrated how quickly a high speed rail network can be built in just a few years. Here are the five best high speed rail networks in the world:

  • Which country has the best transport system?

  • Top 10 Countries with Best Transport System in the World. 1 1. South Korea ?Seoul. The best transportation system of the world is in South Korea Seoul which has the lengthiest transport system covering … 2 2. Singapore. 3 3. Japan ?Tokyo. 4 4. France ?Paris. 5 5. UK ?London. More items

  • Which country has the third largest rail system by distance covered?

  • A high speed train in Shanghai, China. China has the world’s third largest rail system by distance covered.

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