who to call when a train is blocking the road

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The best thing to do is to call the800number on a blue sign found at every railroad crossing. The number posted there is the railroad police force,and not just for stalled trains,but for any situation that might arise,Spielmaker said. The blue sign also indicates which railroad owns the tracks,he said. 淭hat number is to make us aware.

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  • Who do I call if a train is blocking an intersection?

  • Drivers can call BNSF’s network operations center if a train is blocking an intersection for longer than 10 minutes at 800-832-5452, Melonas said. People also can call the WUTC’s Consumer Protection Help Line at 888-333-WUTC (9882) or email [email protected] I drank a gallon of water every day for a year. Here’s what I learned

  • Can a train block a road crossing?

  • And if a train needs to stop for a valid reason, this can result in a blocked crossing. However, she also says Norfolk Southern tries not to block road crossings and to comply with state and local laws regarding the amount of time that trains block road crossings.

  • What does it mean when a train is blocked?

  • A crossing is considered blocked when any part of a train is stopped in the crossing or activates the warning devices. In Washington state, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission enforces the rule. But BNSF spokesman Gus Melonas says a 10-minute rule also is the railway’s internal policy for freight trains.

  • How long can a Norfolk Southern freight train block a road?

  • So, we can VERIFY that Norfolk Southern freight trains can be up to 1.5 miles long, and there is a state law against trains blocking the road for longer than five minutes. However, the rule only applies if the train has insufficient cause to block a crossing, and state law can be preempted by federal regulations.

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