who trained jackie chan

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Yu Jim-yuen

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  • Why is Jackie Chan so famous?

  • Born Chan Kong-sang in 1954, the man known to the world as actor/director/death-and-logic-defying stuntman Jackie Chan is one of the biggest movie stars in world history and the first to truly bridge the gap between Hong Kong action cinema and big-budget American blockbusters.

  • Is Jade Chan a real person?

  • Oddly enough, the character of Jade Chan, Jackie’s fictional niece on the series, was voiced by Stacie Chan, Jackie Chan’s real-life niece. After starring in dozens of martial arts and action movies in which he’s done his own stunts, Jackie Chan has sustained a number of injuries.

  • How many languages does Jackie Chan speak?

  • While Jackie can now speak and sing in seven languages, he still struggles with literacy. At eight, Jackie had a small part in his first movie, Big and Little Wong Tin Bar, and by the time he graduated from school in 1971, he had several film credits.

  • How did Channing Tatum become famous?

  • He became a huge star throughout Asia and went on to have hits in the United States as well. Chan was born Chan Kong-sang on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong, China. When his parents moved to Australia to find new jobs, the 7-year-old Chan was left behind to study at the Chinese Opera Research Institute, a Hong Kong boarding school.

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