who trained rocky

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Apollo Creed

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  • Who was Rocky Balboa’s trainer?

  • He was Rocky Balboa ‘s trainer from 1976 until his death in 1981. Mickey has gray hair in old age, but in young age, he has brown hair in Mighty Mick Gym poster and green eyes. Michael Mickey Goldmill was the owner of Mighty Mick’s Boxing and head Trainer of Rocky Balboa for most of Balboa’s career.

  • Who was Rocky Marciano’s trainer?

  • Later that year, after trying out for the Chicago Cubs baseball team and being cut, Rocky returned to Brockton and began boxing training with longtime friend Allie Colombo. Al Weill and Chick Wergeles became Marciano’s manager, and Charley Goldman became his professional trainer.

  • What is the best training montage in rocky?

  • Rocky has the quintessential training montage. Rocky runs through the streets, punches the hell out of some meat, and jogs his heart out. It the most relatable training montage in the series because it understands that the world is the common man gym. Rocky community because his field to grow and strengthen himself.

  • Who does Rocky fight in Rocky IV?

  • Rocky sets straight to training with Apollo Creed’s old trainer Duke who quickly surmises that the slow and arthritic Rocky can only compete by building his strength and punching power as much as possible. Rocky fighting Dixon. The fight becomes an HBO pay-per-view event.

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