why do bus stop at train tracks

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  • How close can a school bus stop to a railroad track?

  • A bus carrying passengers or any school bus must stop within 50 feet but not less than 15 feet from the nearest rail of a railroad to look and listen for signals indicating the approach of a train and may not proceed until it is safe. How do school buses stop at railroad tracks? School buses always stop and open their doors at railroad tracks.

  • Why do buses open their doors at railroad crossings?

  • Opening the bus door (and driver window), allows the driver to hear trains. Today, opening the door and/or driver side window is law in many parts of the United States and Canada. Why do all buses stop at railroad crossings? It to make sure the driver can visualize that the tracks are clear.

  • Do bus drivers have to stop to look for oncoming trains?

  • The law at the time only required bus drivers to stop and look, but it didn require them to open the door to listen for oncoming trains. As Silcox began to cross the tracks, a train slammed into the bus. 淭he Flying Ute?had been heading north from Denver, running an hour late because of the blizzard.

  • When did school bus drivers stop at railway crossings?

  • Although it was required by law for school bus drivers to stop at railway crossings in 1938, drivers were not required to open their door. On December 1st of that year a gruesome accident changed that.

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