why is train to busan not on netflix

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Though Train to Busan was available to watch on Netflix for many years,unfortunately,as of today,the movie is not currently streaming on the platform anymore. We don know why exactly why the site has removed the movie from its lineup,but we assume that it may have something to do withlicensing rightsor something of the sort.

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  • Is 榯rain to Busan?on Netflix?

  • Although the movie is available on Netflix, subscribers in North America (except Mexico) and Europe will not find the movie on the platform. Want to know how to watch Train to Busan on Netflix?

  • Is’train to Busan’based on a true story?

  • This cements the movie as being a purely fictional story in the show’s universe. It is rather ironic, however, given that the original Webtoon series for All of Us Are Dead predates Train to Busan by several years. However, with the show only now coming out on Netflix, it’s now being compared to a movie that it likely inspired.

  • Is 榓live?connected to 榯rain to Busan?

  • Although Netflix #Alive isn connected to Train to Busan, there is actually a sequel making its way to screens. Director Yeon Sang-ho is back at the helm for Peninsula, which is a confirmed sequel to Train to Busan, chronicling a soldier as he navigates the wastelands of the Korean peninsula in search of a truck full of money.

  • Are all of Us are Dead and train to Busan similar?

  • Given how huge the zombie horror movie Train to Busan was, it’s not surprising that people are drawing several parallels between it and All of Us Are Dead. Not only are they both South Korean, but they also feature rather bloodthirsty and brisk zombies, far removed from more lumbering incarnations of the monsters.

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