how far is normandy from paris by train

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546 miles (878 km)

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  • How to travel from Paris France to Normandy by train?

  • Taking the Paris-Caen train takes you to Caen, which will take you about an hour and 45 minutes, but may take you a couple of hours from Bayeux. Even though it is 125 miles away from Paris, Normandy is easily accessible from the airport. How To Travel From Paris France To London England?

  • How to get to the Normandy beaches?

  • With that being said, if all you have is a day, one day is better than nothing! First take the train from Paris into Bayeux or Caen, two historic cities nearest to the Normandy beaches. Both are easily accessible by train from Paris but the one way journey takes roughly 2.5 hours.

  • How to get to Normandy from CDG Airport?

  • For those heading directly to Normandy from the airport, you can be in Normandy within 3 hours of stepping out of CDG. From the airport, take RER Line B for a 30-minute ride to Paris Nord train station. From there, switch to a Line E train for a 5-minute hop to Gare Saint Lazare where you can board one of the many trains headed to Normandy.

  • How do I get from Normandy to Bayeux by train?

  • Trains back to Paris run late allowing you to leave Normandy at the end of a day. Bayeux train station is a 5-minute walk to the pedestrian-friendly main road which runs through town. There are usually a few taxis available at the station to bring you into town.

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