how long does seal training take

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71 weeks

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  • How long is Navy SEAL training (and why)?

  • So, a pre-training is necessary to meet the above-mentioned minimum requirements. How long is Navy Seal Training? A navy seal training spans over the time of 6 months only. Those 1% candidates, who manage to pass out undergo further training before their final deployment.

  • How hard is it to become a Navy SEAL?

  • Other than being as tough as nails, Navy SEALS have to meet quite a few other requirements when it comes to the rigorous Navy SEAL training program. And not all who apply for the job make it ?even Olympic athletes have tried and failed.

  • What is the Navy SEAL lifestyle like?

  • Advanced Training Training, physical conditioning and drills are part of the SEAL lifestyle. Once you’ve completed the initial SEAL training, you can go even further with advanced training, which includes foreign language training, SEAL tactical communications training, Sniper, Military Free-fall Parachuting,…

  • How much do Navy SEALs get paid?

  • Not only will you receive some of the best training in the world, but you can also earn thousands of dollars in bonuses. Presently, the Navy is paying BUDS graduates $40,000 for successfully completing the training and earning the SEAL designation.

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